World Marketing Summit

The World Marketing Summit (WMS) is an independent global organization, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, committed to creating a better world for our future generation through marketing. WMS was created in 2010 by Professor Philip Kotler, popularly known as the marketing Guru who initiated global movements through marketing strategies that inspire change in human behavior leading to a positive impact on society and living.

WMS has strong determination toward improving the state of the world by engaging the global leaders in marketing and business, research and academics, politics and society, women and gender, and other positive leaders and entrepreneurs of the community and society for sustainable business growth of products and services and thereby improving the quality of lives of people across the globe.

WMS works in different continents including Asia and North America and plans to expand its projects in Europe and Africa. It strives to be objective and independent and is not tied to any political, partisan or national interests. It is committed to “creating a better world through marketing”. WMS pursues a number of activities on marketing and business which include annual marketing summit, seminars, research, a journal, and academic courses and programs.